Why CreditLadder is great news for landlords as well as tenants.

By paying their rent on time through CreditLadder, tenants can help improve their credit score. Happy tenants should mean happy landlords.

Rent payments, without the hassle

How it Works

Keep tabs on all your properties, from the same browser tab

CreditLadder Landlord Account

A birds-eye view of your property

We bring all the rental payment details of every tenancy into one, easy-to-use and transparent landlord platform.

Track every rent payment

See all your tenant rental payments in one place, in real time. Understand who has paid their rent, how it’s split between the tenants and know if payments are made on time or not.

Help prevent arrears

Tenants are encouraged to pay on time in order to help improve their credit score. Landlords whose tenants use CreditLadder are incentivising them not to get into arrears.


CreditLadder works with the best

We’ve chosen leading partners to work with. Working with industry experts to ensure a tight and robust service.

Together we ensure a seamless transfer of funds.

A smarter way to collect rent

  • It's safe as houses

    As well as bank-grade encryption for our site and payment services, we have robust processes to ensure that your rent is safe.

  • Bank the benefit

    Your tenants on time rent payments will improve their Experian credit score just like mortgage payments do.

  • We handle money very carefully

    All payments are handled with care. Rental funds are held in a separate, secure client account away from business funds. This means that even in the worst case the rent will never go missing.