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What is CreditLadder?

What is the story behind CreditLadder?

How is CreditLadder established?

What is the Rental Exchange?

How does it help me?

Is CreditLadder regulated?

Rent payments

How do I set up automatic payments?

When can I make a payment?

How do I know my rent payment was made?

How do I know my rent payment is set up?

How do I pay rent through CreditLadder?

How do I cancel my recurring payment?

What payment methods can I use to pay my rent?

Accessing payment history

The balance due in my account is wrong

I am moving out of the property - what do I do?

How do I change a payment due date?

What if my tenancy goes onto a rolling contract?

Why do you need my landlords/agents bank details?

Is CreditLadder safe?

What if I make an overpayment?

What if I live with my parents?

Can I pay rent weekly or bi-monthly?

How long do rent payments take to process (including weekends and bank holidays)?

Your account

Why do I have to verify my identity?

What if I am on housing benefit?

How do I change my landlord’s payment details?

I failed online authentication - what should I do?

How do I make payments for deposits?

Can I make a payment using a non-UK bank?

What if my parent pays my rent?

Does rent reporting work for housemates?

My rent amount is changing

How does CreditLadder work?

How do my partner and I register?

Can I join if I live in a house share?

How do I update my landlords bank details?

How do I make changes to the tenancy information?

How do I end the tenancy?

How do I start a new tenancy from my account?

Customer complaint procedure

Credit reporting

Will my rent payments affect my credit score?

Can I submit my own rental payment information?

Can I report my previous rent payments?

Will my rent show up on my credit report?

Why has my credit score not changed since I have reported rent?

Understanding your Experian Credit Score and Report

When will the rent appear on my credit score?

Why Experian?

Rental Exchange: Important Information

How will organisations use my data?

Do you sell my data to other companies?


What are the benefits of the Standard and Premium plans?

What is the minimum contract period?

What is annual discount?

How do I cancel?

How long does my Standard or Premium plan take to set up?

How can I upgrade?