How it works

Pay your rent through us and we can help improve your credit score.

CreditLadder Tenant Account

Why should I use CreditLadder?

It's a question we get asked a lot. Pay your rent on time and we'll tell Experian who will add it to your credit history.

A better score can help make getting a loan, mortgage and even phone contracts easier and cheaper.

Your money and details are safe

We use bank grade encryption. To protect our website and payments. Having successfully processed multiple millions of pounds in rent already.

Also, our payments are processed by our banking partner, Barclays


"Great customer service.

Get back to queries quickly whether email or calls. Good to know my payments are recorded and will be part of my credit score for the future. Keep up the good work! Thanks!"

5 star review
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Tenants like you deserve a better deal.

Millions of pounds in rent processed to date.

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